TERMOGUM is the Polish manufacturer of heat-shrinkable products specialized in the plastics processing. We produce heat-shrinkable caps and tapes which are designed to isolate the connections and remove damaged insulations of cables, wires and pipes, as well as to protect any construction elements exposed to wear, damage or corrosion. Moreover, we produce heat-shrinkable joints: sleeves and tubes for pre-insulated technology of heating pipelines.

We have long-standing experience in plastics processing, materials engineering and research on the properties and composition of the materials for their best application. Termogum products are manufactured for power industry, district heating, industry, telecommunications, electrical engineering, construction, and they are made based on the unique technology developed and patented by Termogum.

Reliability of TERMOGUM accessories, excellent customer services, quick and easy installation and good prices of our products have contributed to their success on the domestic and foreign markets.