Application of Termogum heat-shrinkable sleeves and tubes in district heating

Heat-shrinkable products – caps and tapes – are designed to isolate the connections and remove damaged insulations of cables, wires and pipes. Moreover heat-shrinkable products are used to protect any construction elements exposed to wear, damage or corrosion.

Above mentioned use takes place in power industry, heat engineering, telecommunication, electrical engineering, electronics, appliances, automotive, railways, mining, construction, aviation and shipbuilding industry.

Heat-shrinkable caps

Heat-shrinkable caps are used for termination and insulation the ends of the wires and telecommunication and power cables. They perfectly prove their reliability by protecting clamps breakthrough in cables of overhead lines and screws exposed to weather conditions, e.g. on lightening poles, bridges, masts.

Heat-shrinkable caps are resistant to weather conditions and the action of acids and bases. Internal surfaces are coated with an hot melt glue, which increases the tightness of isolation.


Place a cap on the end of the cable or other construction element. Then heat the cap to a temperature of 150-190°C. Manual heater or gas burner such as propane-butane are recommended as the heat source.

When the cap is tight to the element and / or the adhesive starts to flow at the edges, the heating should be ceased.

Made coating should be left to cool. Readiness to use is obtained after reaching the ambient temperature by the shrunk cap.

Heat-shrinkable tapes

Heat-shrinkable tapes are manufactured based on radiation modified polyolefin. These products are widely used in electrical engineering, power industry, electronics, telecommunication, district heating, mining, industry, civil engineering, aviation, shipbuilding industry, railway engineering, motorization as well.

Type T

Heat-shrinkable electroinsulating tape is especially applied to bundling wires and electric cables, insulating links and removing damages to insulation of cables and wires, rust-proofing construction exposed to rubbing, mechanical damages and stress and corrosion.

Type TKT

Heat-shrinkable electroinsulating tape with heat melt adhesive creates durable and tight joint of elements of a construction. Adhesive is strongly sticky to metal, timber, plastic elements and sanitary ware. Heat-shrinkable electroinsulating tape with heat melt adhesive is used to an installation of joints of ventilation pipes, protective pipes, wires, electric and telecommunication cables. Finished joints are resistant to mechanical stress, damages and corrosion.


Heat-shrinkable electroinsulating tape with heat melt adhesive and butyl substance is used mainly to protects joints of pre-insulated pipes.


Wrap up heat-shrinkable tape closely around the element of a construction. Put so many layer, as you find it suitable and lap end.

Made coating heat to 150-190°C temperature. As a source of a heat we recommend using manual heater or gas burner. You can cease heating, when a tape fits tightly to the element of a construction or when adhesive starts to flow.

Leave made coating to cool. Made coating is ready when a shrunk tape is of the ambient temperature.