About us

Enterprise Termogum Sp. z o. o. established in Ozarow Mazowiecki is a Polish producer of heat-shrinkable accessories for power industry, heat engineering, industry, telecommunications, electrical engineering and construction.

Innovative solutions of TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. are the result of many years of acquiring knowledge in the field of chemistry and plastics industry, more than twenty years of experience in the field of plastic materials engineering and heat-shrinkable products technology development, as well as research, development and implementation activities in the Institute of Nuclear Research, Research and Development Center of the Cable Industry “Energokabel” and the former Department of Technical Services Człuchów, currently RADPOL SA.

Since the very beginning TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. attaches the special importance to adjusting the offer to changing market conditions, customers’ expectations and needs. As a result of research, TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. developed and patented new production technologies of heat-shrinkable cable end caps, heat-shrinkable sleeves and tubes.

Changes carried out in the production and development of new materials, such as hot melt glues, applied in caps offered by TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o., make them shrink faster and at lower temperature, which contributes to saving time and energy (gas propane / butane) in the process of caps shrinking. Heat-shrinkable caps are used to insulate and protect the ends of power and telecommunication cables with coatings made of metal and plastic. TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. is currently the only company in Poland producing coloured heat-shrinkable caps. In response to the individual needs of customers the company has developed a nationally unique technology to produce coloured heat-shrinkable caps according to the customers’ needs.

As a result of cooperation with the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. introduced to production a new product – heat-shrinkable tape, of which TERMOGUM is the sole and exclusive distributor. In the case of heat-shrinkable tape TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. is the only supplier of these products on the Polish market, as competing products are imported. Heat-shrinkable tape is applied to bundle wires and cables, insulate electrical connections, remove damages of wires and cables insulations, protect construction elements exposed to wear, mechanical damage, corrosion. Tapes are also applicable for installation of ventilation pipes, coating pipes, wires, power, electric and telecommunication cables.

Termogum also developed and patented production technologies of heat-shrinkable sleeves and tubes. Crosslinked sleeve Termogum provides the opportunity to create long-term 100% sealed joint of pre-insulated district heating pipes. Specially selected materials, developed an optimal joint design and patented manufacturing process ensures the tensile strength and resistance to temperature changes associated with changes in transmission factors and external factors. Application of Termogum joint does not require the installation of ties, collars or tapes on the ends of the sleeves or tubes, as the single sleeve or tube provides the best sealing thanks to the downforce, a very robust material and the appropriate shape of the ends of the sleeves.

Customers TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. are mainly: thermal plants, wire and cable manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers from electrical engineering and cable industry sectors, companies that produce pre-insulated materials, as well as companies that specialize in heating systems and contractors of the power, electrical and heating installations.

From the very beginning, TERMOGUM Sp. z o. o. is a member of the Association of Cables and Electrical Accessories Producers, which is dynamically acting for the development of the Polish cable industry.