Application of Termogum heat-shrinkable sleeves and tubes in district heating

An alternative to the canal district heating pipes are pre-insulated pipes laid directly in the ground. The effectiveness of pre-insulated technology to the greatest extent depends on the quality of the pipe joint – i.e. the quality of connection of pre-insulated pipes sections, which must ensure tightness and play as a coating and insulation for welded conductive pipes. Pipe joint most often was the element subject to accidents and failures, as well as a solution very sensitive to errors in assembly.

The main element of the joint of pre-insulated pipes is sleeve or tube, which aims to recreate pre-insulated outer pipe coating on the end of pipe sections – i.e. in place of welding of steel pipes. The type and quality of sleeve or tube, precision of assembly, the correctness of welding of the conductive pipes are factors that affect the quality of joint.

Sleeves and tubes of Termogum have a number of advantages over competing joints, as they provide long-lasting sealed joints, characterized by solutions that simplify installation and reduce errors in the performance of the joint.

Pre-insulated pipe technology(1) laid directly in the ground stands out in comparison with the canal technology thanks to the opportunity of laying pipeline below the level of ground water, lengthening the operation life of the heating network by eliminating external pipe corrosion, reducing the number of accidents and the cost of operating the heating network and, most importantly, reducing transmission heat loss.

In addition, as a result of changing canal technology into pre-insulated technology, we reduce the need for fuel in the heat source, and thus reduce the amount of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere.

Factors affecting the reliable operation of pre-insulated pipes(2):

- properly made technological design of district heating segment in accordance with design principles and standards;

- the quality of pre-insulated pipes, components and raw materials used to produce them, complying with the requirements of the group of standards District heating – System of pre-insulated pipes for the water heating networks laid directly in the ground;

- transport and storage in accordance with guidelines of manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes;

- fairly conducted construction and assembly works, including welding of steel and creating joints, particularly the encapsulation;

- proper supervision of the pipe section implementation;

- water quality, as the heat carrier.

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